Our Values 我们的价值观

  1. We believe in quality, integrated care and the science of healthcare delivery. Information follows the patient with safe and accurate results every time. 为患者的每一次就诊提供安全准全的结果、科学的康疗及高质量的服务。
  1. We believe that the patient always comes first and that every patient is our five-star guest. 我们相信患者总是第一,每个患者都是我们的五星级客户。
  1. Excellence is our continued goal. We apply ourselves with strength and energy and bring the qualities of clear-sightedness, honesty and sincerity to all that we do. 优秀是我们持续的目标。我们将全力以赴,诚信、清醒、真诚地做事。
  1. We focus on being proactive not reactive. 我们注重事前反应而不是应急反应。
  1. We listen and learn then talk. Not talk, learn and listen. 我们聆听和学习,然后说话,而不是说话、学习和聆听。
  1. Outside its rush, rush, rush with NO attention to detail. In our Clinic it’s calm, calm, calm with ALL attention to detail! 外面的世界是匆忙、匆忙、匆忙,不重细节。我们的部门是冷静、冷静、冷静并注意细节。
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