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Chris J. Bradshaw 克里斯J.布拉德肖

Manager & Certified Health Coach 经理/健康和营养教练 

Chris J Bradshaw(Working Languages: English)

Chris J Bradshaw is a Certified Health Coach and Manager of the HiMyDr International Clinic. He is also the Foreign Affairs Director of Menat Health Group and an appointed member of The Innovation & Technology Committee.

Chris believes in a holistic approach to health and well-being, which provides more attention and awareness to prevention rather than cure, through healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices such as good diet and regular exercise.  He works predominantly with busy and overworked professionals who have lots of stress, issues with their digestive systems and want support to eat more healthily, get in better shape and have more energy.

Chris received his training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City and is certified by the American association of drugless practitioners (AADP).  Before becoming a Health Coach, he earned a B.Sc.(Hons) in Genetics & Management at the University of Liverpool, before completing research and attaining an M.Msc in Metaphysical Sciences investigating the existence of Human Energy Fields.

Chris is a friendly and energetic person with an infectious enthusiasm for life.  He is passionate about serving, inspiring, helping and instructing others on how to improve their lives and overall happiness by first achieving their health and wellbeing goals.  He offers both individual and group health and nutrition coaching programs to China expats, professionals and entrepreneurs, teambuilding retreats for schools and businesses and he’s a fun and creative workshop presenter and public speaker.

克里斯·J布拉德肖是一个认证的健康教练和海曼博士国际诊所经理,  外交事务健康组主任。 并被任命为创新科技委员会成员.




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Dr Gonzalez 冈萨雷斯

Registered Family Doctor 阮斯福医生

Dr Gonzalez

(Working Languages: Spanish & English)

Dr. Etien Gonzalez is a qualified Family Doctor and started to study preclinical medicine in 2002 at the Victoria de Giron Medical School in Havana, Cuba. Later at the clinical stage, he completed his studies at the Military Hospital, Carlos J.Finlay. He finally got his degree as a medical doctor in 2009 and was awarded a golden degree and chosen as the best graduate of his course.

After graduation, he worked as a family doctor for about 1 and a half years. There, he was engaged in clinical care, teaching and research. He has an extensive knowledge in the clinical aspects of chronic disorders, and how to promote a healthy community.

He graduated as a specialist in Internal Medicine in 2012, having finished the residence at the Teaching Clinical and Chirurgical hospital Joaquin Albarran Dominguez, Havana, Cuba. Together with his consulting and teaching activity, he has attended several research summits and courses both nationally and internationally. As an Internal Medicine specialist, he is able to diagnoses and provides treatments for respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, nervous system and renal disorders.

His main interests as a family doctor are being able to influence in a positive way the health of the population where he works, promoting health and healthy life styles, and also making concrete and definite contributions to the cure of illnesses.


毕业后,他担任了大约一年半的家庭医生。在诊所里,他从事临床护理、 教学和研究。他在慢性疾病临床方面的,以及如何促进一个健康社区有着广博的知识。




ghana flag

Dr Ransford 阮斯福医生

Registered Family Doctor 阮斯福医生

Dr Ransford

(Working Languages: English, Mandarin & Twi)

Dr Ransford Acheampong is a qualified Family Doctor and graduated from Sun Yat Sen Medical University, Guangzhou, China in 2011. Upon graduation he conducted research on Celiac disease at Rovira Virgili University in Tarragona, Spain for half a year.

He also attended Cleveland Clinic in the USA for an observership course lasting 3 months. He also worked at Taifa Clinic in Ghana for 3 months before joining Bani Medical Center in USA for one year.

In 2013, he worked at Renai Hospital in Shanghai, China for one year before taking the post as a family doctor at the HiMyDr International Clinic. He is deeply interested in the continued improvement of the health administration process and is now currently pursuing a Masters in Healthcare administration at Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

阮斯福医生于2011年毕业于中国广州孙中山医科大学。 毕业后他在西班牙塔拉戈纳依维尔基里大学半年进行腹腔疾病研究。他还参加了在美国克利夫兰诊所持续3个月的观察学习课程。他在加纳Taifa诊所工作了3个月,后来加入美国巴尼医疗中心工作了一年。



china flagSally Chen 陈影红

Head of Customer Services 客服经理

Sally Chen

(Working Languages: English, Mandarin & Cantonese)

Sally Chen graduated from Zhaoqing University in Guangdong province in 2000 with an English education degree. After graduation she taught English at Shuangshui Middle school in Luoding, Guangdong province for 4 years. In 2004, she went back to university and graduated with a second degree in Advanced Teaching Methodology and English/Chinese Translation.

During this time she ran an English Training centre and was an assistant for many of the foreign teaching staff. This gave her the chance to meet people from different countries and cultures and further improved her English language skills. In 2006 she became the Manager of the overseas department in Shenzhen XinTianDe Jewelry Packaging company and worked there for 2 years, which gave her a lot of experience in marketing and foreign customer service.

In 2008, she set up a Consulting company with two partners from Seattle, USA manufacturing and marketing wind and water power systems that provided her with more high level business experience and communication skills. In 2013 she became a full time mother and housewife, before finally joining the HiMyDr team as Head of Customer Services.

She is very passionate about learning languages and loves to meet new people and make new friendships.

陈影红于2000年毕业于广东省肇庆学院,英语教育本科学位。毕业后她在广东省罗定双水中学 教英语4 年。2004 年,她回到大学进修,学习先进的教学方法和/中英文翻译并完成本科毕业。

在进修期间,她经营一个英语培训中心,为许多外国老师做助教。这给了她和来自各国不同文化的老师见面的机会,并进一步提高了她的英语能力。 2006年,她成为深圳新天地首饰包装公司海外部经理,并在那里工作了2年,这给了她很多的营销和国外客户的服务体验。

2008 年,她与两从美国西雅图的合作伙伴建立了咨询公司 主要是关于 风和水电力发电系统 的 制造和营销这给她提供了更多的高层次的商业经验和沟通技巧。在 2013 年她成为了一位全职母亲和家庭主妇,最后加入 海曼博士 团队成为客户服务部经理。




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