Our Aims 我们的目标

  1. To be the medical center of choice for the Zhuhai expat and International community by providing outstanding clinical and customer focused care in a patients preferred choice of language. 成为珠海的外籍人士和国际社群选择的医疗中心。用患者喜欢选用的语言提供出色的、以客户为中心的医疗保健服务。
  1. To advise and assist the growing expat and international community living and working in Zhuhai to find the best and most suited health care for both their individual and family needs, making you and your family’s life in mainland China safer, healthier and more comfortable. 在珠海生活工作的国际人士数量日益增长,我们将致力于帮助他们并给他们提供一些医疗护理方面的建议,从而让他们能够找到最适合他们自身以及家人的医疗保健服务,使其在珠海的生活更安全、健康、舒适。
  1. To facilitate a more international, service orientated culture in relationship to the local medical system that is currently being offered to the expat and international community. 在目前为外籍人士和国际社区提供医疗服务的当地医疗系统基础上,建成更加国际化和服务为导向的文化。
  1. To act as an educational bridge between Eastern and Western philosophy and methodology looking to combine the best of modern, conventional, allopathic medicine with the best of traditional, alternative, natural, holistic medicine. 作为搭建东西方理念和方法的教育式桥梁, 我们将最好的现代常用对抗疗法医学和传统的、替代的、自然整合医学结合起来。
  1. To support the development of a more integrated and non-invasive approach to assessing health states that strongly focuses on preventative measures before physical issues actually manifest. 支持发展更整合和无创性地评估健康状态的方法,它重在关注身体出现问题之前的预防措施。
  1. To be known as a department and employer of excellence so that we can attract and retain the best staff. 成为杰出的部门和员工,这样我们能吸引和留住最好的员工。
  1. To continuously invest in our staff, new technology and facilities to develop and improve our products and services. 持续地投资我们的员工、新科技和设施以发展和促进我们的产品和服务。
  1. To work with leading International Consultants who are dedicated to providing the best possible therapies and treatments for our patients. 与最领先的国际咨询师合作,致力于为我们的患者提供尽可能好的理疗和治疗。
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