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HiMyDr International Clinic officially opened in May 2015, as part of the Huafa New Town Community Health Service Center, located in the green and aesthetically pleasing environment of Huafa New Town. 海曼国际诊所将正式于2015年5月对公众推广.此环境优美的诊所位于绿意盎然的华发新城城区. 是华发新城社区医院的一部分.

We our Zhuhai’s first international clinic created, run and managed by international health professionals, making you and your family’s life in Zhuhai safer, healthier and more comfortable. 我们是新成立的珠海第一家国际诊所, 由国际健康管理师运行并管理,我们将致力于使您和您家人在珠海的生活更健康,安全及舒适.

Situated in the heart of the international community and open 7 days a week from 9:00-18:00, we offer a 24hr English speaking hotline in case of any emergency and an innovative HiMyDr mobile APP to always stay connected. 我们坐落于国际社区的中心位置,诊疗时间为每星期7天,从早上9点到晚上9点.您可以通过我们24小时的中英文电话联系我们.,亦可以下载我们的海曼手机软件,通过海曼手机软件随时与我们联系.

If you need friendly health and family advice, a consultation, treatment or therapy by professional and qualified doctors, a peaceful place to get away from the city and back to nature, or more importantly just a friend, we are always happy to be of service. 如果您需要倾听专业医师亲切的健康方面的意见,咨询或治疗,或专家的诊疗,或需要一个能远离尘嚣,更亲近大自然的地方,或需要一个朋友,我们将在这里等候您并为您奉上让您满意的家一般的服务.

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